Summertime fun time at Gwynedd leisure centres

Date: 25/07/2017
Summer Sports

The summer is here! At last… time to enjoy some sunshine and do a bit more physically. As well as giving adults the opportunity to stay healthy, Gwynedd leisure centres also offer a wide choice of activities for children and young people during the summer holidays.

 There are all sorts of activities from swimming lessons to indoor cycling, kayaking to mini football. For the youngest children, there are parent and child swimming lessons on-offer which aim to develop their swimming skills as well as providing parents the time to enjoy fun with their kids.

 There will also be a free swimming sessions for children at the swimming pools every week. Contact your local centre to find out about their free swimming times, or visit the Gwynedd Council website:

 There are also tennis, squash and badminton lessons that are tailored to young people, and help them to develop racket sport skills, have fun and all the while they improve their fitness and well-being. All of the lessons are designed to be inclusive of children of all skill levels and ages.

 Councillor Craig ab Iago, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Healthy Gwynedd said:

 “There are a whole host of fun activities on-offer for children and families in Gwynedd’s leisure centres this summer. It provides an opportunity to enjoy and stay healthy as a family. I would encourage families to think about taking advantage of the facilities, excellent lessons and the chance to have fun at our leisure centres over the summer holidays.

 “There will a wide-range of activities for all ages. To discuss what’s on-offer go along to your local leisure centre.”

 For children and young people who enjoy team sports, there are football, netball and indoor hockey lessons that will teach working as part of a team, improve skills in the sport and be a great way to make new friends.

 There’s plenty going on across the different leisure centres, to find out what’s happening in your local centre, head over to the Gwynedd Council website: select the Leisure Centre you wish to visit and look under the heading 'Children's activities' or visit the Gwynedd Healthy Living page on Facebook.