Press release on behalf of the Joint Planning Policy Unit for Gwynedd and Ynys Môn

Date: 04/07/2017

Gwynedd Council and the Isle of Anglesey County Council have received official endorsement of their Joint Local Development Plan to 2026 from independent Planning Inspectors.

 Subject to a set of changes, the Inspectors’ binding Report supports the proposed development strategy for Anglesey and the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority area (which doesn’t include those parts of Gwynedd inside the Snowdonia National Park) for the 15-year period 2011 – 2026. 

The Report comes after a Public Examination of the Plan’s strategy, policies and proposals. The Examination included a number of Hearing Sessions held at various locations between September – November 2016 and during April 2017, where the Inspector heard from individuals, landowners, representatives of local organisations, groups and businesses about concerns over policies and proposals in the Plan and how they might affect them.

The Hearings were followed by a period of public consultation on possible changes to the contents of the Plan and changes to its evidence base arising from the issues discussed at the Examination Hearing Sessions and through correspondence between the Council and the Inspectors following its submission to the Welsh Government during March 2016.

It is a Welsh Government requirement for local planning authorities to produce a Local Development Plan outlining how land will be used for new homes and jobs over a 15-year period. Work on the Anglesey and Gwynedd Joint Local Development Plan started in 2011.  Comprehensive evidence was collected to support and inform the strategy, policies and proposals as they evolved.  These have been through a process involving informal and formal consultation periods before submission to the Welsh Government. 

The Plan provides an up-to-date policy framework for managing development and addressing key planning issues and opportunities in the Plan area over a period up to 2026.  Most types of development, including new housing (including open and local market housing and affordable housing) and employment, will be directed towards the Plan area’s main towns.  It also recognises the importance of smaller communities and businesses located outside settlements and their local contribution in a predominantly rural area. It safeguards against planning applications being received which don’t fit in with the Councils’ objectives.

If it is adopted by the individual Councils, the Joint Local Development Plan will replace all of the policies and proposals in the existing development plans, i.e. the Ynys Môn Local Plan, Gwynedd Structure Plan, Anglesey stopped Unitary Development Plan and the Gwynedd Unitary Development Plan.