Milestone reached in the process of building a new home for Ysgol Treferthyr

Date: 18/01/2021

Following consultation on a proposal to increase the capacity of Ysgol Treferthyr in Cricieth to 150 and relocate the school to a new site in September 2023 a report is going to the Cabinet on 26 January to request the right to issue a Statutory Notice on the proposal.


The consultation was agreed following considerable work and valuable discussions with the Local Review Panel, a panel of representatives from Ysgol Treferthyr, as the site to be consulted on.


The proposed scheme would see an investment of £ 5.3 million to build a new school home on a site in the west of the town. 65% of the cost of the new school would be funded from the Welsh Government's 21st Century Schools Program, with the remainder from Gwynedd Council.


Surveys of the existing building have identified a number of significant shortcomings which mean that the school is beyond repair and a new school is needed.


Councillor Cemlyn Rees Williams, Gwynedd Council's Cabinet Member for Education, said: "I would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the recent consultation, and it is clear that there is local enthusiasm for the exciting plans for the new home of Ysgol Treferthyr.


“The current school building has seen better days and it would be uneconomical to continue maintaning the buildings for the future.


"Our aim is to build a new home for the school that will provide Cricieth children with modern facilities that will enable them to reach their full potential."


A public consultation was held between 6 November and 18 December 2020 and comments were received from pupils, parents, staff and the community on the proposal to build the new school for 150 pupils on the new site. All comments will be reported back to Gwynedd Council's Cabinet on 26 January seeking approval to issue a Statutory Notice on the proposal.


10 comments were received from parents, governors, the public and Estyn and 78 children's questionnaires were filled during the consultation.


A number of comments welcomed this investment for the town of Cricieth: 'I am very happy with the news of the new school. It will be great for the staff, the children and an asset to the community.'


'It gives us a sense of pride in the town knowing that so many buildings and resources will be coming here in three years' time and that they will in themselves transform the opportunities available for the children of the catchment area and the active team of teachers and assistants we have. Thank you for ensuring the work that has been done to secure what appears to be a convenient and pleasant site for everyone. '


If Gwynedd Council's Cabinet approves the proposal on 26 January we will issue statutory notices on the proposal to increase the capacity of Ysgol Treferthyr to 150 and relocate the school to a new site. This will give anyone the right to make any objections within the 28 day objection period.