Penygroes recycling bank targeted by seasonal fly-tippers

Date: 08/01/2019






Gwynedd Council Street Enforcement officers have been examining the contents of a large amount of waste that was dumped at the Penygroes recycling bank over the Christmas break.


Images from the scene reveal the scale of the fly-tipping, with dozens of black bags and boxes containing a variety of rubbish. Christmas wrapping paper, food waste, electrical goods, takeaway cartons, plastic bottles, pizza boxes, and even toys were found among the waste.


Councillor Gareth Griffith, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Municipal matters said: “This is such an unnecessary crime as the Council’s recycling centre at Caernarfon has been open for an extended period over the festive period. There are prominent no fly-tipping warning signs at the recycling bank site in Penygroes and there is no excuse whatsoever for anyone to ignore these.


“I understand the Street Enforcement Team’s investigations have been positive and that a number of individuals will be hearing from them very soon.”


Councillor Judith Humphreys who represents Penygroes on Gwynedd Council added: “It is disappointing to realise that there has been significant tipping over the Christmas holidays at this recycling point which is important to the community. Hopefully this kind of activity will not happen again  and the area will be respected once more.”


Anyone caught fly-tipping in Gwynedd is likely to receive a £400 fixed penalty. More serious fly-tipping incidents will continue to be dealt with by prosecution, as will anyone who fails to pay a fixed penalty.


Gwynedd’s £400 fixed penalty notice, which is consistent with the majority of Welsh councils, has a £100 discount applied if paid within ten days of issue. The fixed penalty applies equally on both public and privately owned land.


Gwynedd Council works in close partnership with Fly-tipping Action Wales which aims to make fly-tipping socially unacceptable.


Steve Parkinson, Fly-tipping Action Wales’ North Wales Coordinator, added: “Fly-tipping Action Wales fully supports the use of fixed penalties for small scale tipping. If you are caught fly-tipping on a larger scale you do run the risk fines of up to £50,000 and/or imprisonment. Vehicles used to fly-tip waste can also be seized and crushed.”


To report an incident of fly-tipping in Gwynedd, visit: and click on the ‘Report a Problem’ tab on the homepage. Alternatively you can contact the Council’s street enforcement team directly by emailing: or call 01766 771000.


Photographs: Two huge piles of rubbish illegally tipped at Penygroes recycling bank.