Gwynedd Council offer apprenticeships to workforce of the future

Date: 15/01/2019

A report that will be considered by Gwynedd’s Cabinet recommends committing funding so that the Council can offer apprenticeship opportunities in 2019.

Establishing an apprenticeship scheme would provide an opportunity for at least 20 residents to start a quality career path with the Council, offering a chance to develop a quality career through the medium of Welsh.

If the scheme is approved, the Council would offer apprenticeships in varied posts across the authorities work areas. The Council would recruit over the coming months, with the new apprenticeships in post by the end of September.

Councillor Nia Jeffreys, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Corporate Support said: “As a Council, we want to ensure good jobs for the people of Gwynedd and as one of the county’s largest employers, it is important that we continue to develop a quality workforce for the future.

“Despite the tough economic climate, this exciting scheme will mean that the Council can offer quality apprenticeship opportunities for young people who are looking to start their career or people eager to start in a new field – and that offered mainly through the medium of Welsh.

“Obviously, the scheme will offer equal opportunities for women and men and I hope the scheme  will encourage more women to apply for apprenticeships in STEM sectors - science, technology, engineering and mathematics - as well as supporting them to work towards senior level posts in the future.

“Through the Council’s apprenticeships scheme, we would offer the experience of working side by side with specialist officers, as well as ensuring training, opportunities to develop skills and qualifications at work. The scheme will provide a fantastic basis for people looking to follow a professional career here in Gwynedd and contribute towards our aim of ensuring high quality job opportunities for the county’s young people.”

 A report on the apprenticeship scheme will be considered by a meeting of the Council’s Cabinet on 22 January.