National Rogue Trader Week

Date: 21/10/2021

Last week was National Rogue Trader week and as part of this initiative Gwynedd Council’s Trading Standards Unit teamed up with a number of other agencies including DVSA and NWP and undertook roadside stops. 

This involved advising any trader stopped of their obligations in relation to their trading practices. Furthermore, our officers also conducted roving patrols throughout the County during the week, engaging with traders that were carrying out work on Gwynedd residents’ properties, offering advice and information on how to trade within the law.

It is unfortunate but the Unit still receives a number of complaints relating to rogue trading and would therefore advise members of the public that they should only engage with recognised traders and never agree to home maintenance work that is offered following an unsolicited visit (doorstep caller). 

Always take the time to think whether any work that is being offered is necessary, and if so, always obtain more than one quotation for any proposed repairs.

If you do have any concerns, please contact the consumer advice helpline on 0808 2231144 (Welsh) or 0808 2231133 (English) or via email to