Y Bala 3-19 Learning Campus

Date: 02/02/2018


On Tuesday, 13 February 2018, Gwynedd Council’s Cabinet will meet to consider a recommendation to issue statutory notices on the proposal to establish a Welsh Medium 3-19 Learning Campus, Community status, on the current Ysgol y Berwyn site to open on 1 September 2019.


This follows a statutory consultation on the proposal to reorganise schools in the Berwyn catchment area that was held between 22 November 2017 and 10 January 2018, in order to receive stakeholders’ comments on the proposal.


If the Cabinet supports this recommendation, the Council will proceed to the next stage of the statutory process, namely the publication of statutory notices allowing a period of 28 days to receive any objections. Following this period any objections received will be submitted in a report to the Council's Cabinet for a final decision.


Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Cabinet Member for Education said:


"As a Council, we are totally focused on ensuring the provision of world class education for the children and young people of the Berwyn catchment area. The £10.27m investment jointly funded by Gwynedd Council and the Welsh Government, will ensure that children in the area are educated on a site that provides a 21st century learning environment."


If the Cabinet decides to support the recommendation, the next step will be to release a statutory notice on the proposal and hold an objection period.


Gwynedd Council's Cabinet will meet on Tuesday, 13 February to discuss the report. The full report is available on the Council's website www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/thecabinet