'Lifting the Veil' exhibition by Iorwen James

Date: 13/02/2018

The aim of artist Iorwen James in the ‘Lifting the Veil’ exhibition at Storiel is to portray the marionette as a medium conveying character and emotion, and to reflect upon their theatrical importance. Indeed there is evidence that the Egyptians used marionettes as early as 2000 BC.


Her interest in the marionette began whilst she was for some time in the south west of France, where she came across old marionettes and began to collect them. She had not intended to paint them, but on seeing them one day in a certain light, she felt drawn to the mystery of their past and decided to paint them.


This has resulted in more than 50 paintings that have been exhibited on a regular basis in Wales, Scotland and Ireland.


Iorwen James studied Fine Art at Swansea College of Art. She is also passionate about theatre, resulting in her becoming a costume designer with the Welsh National Theatre and subsequently with various S4C companies. In 1999 she received a BAFTA for her work on a period film. She has since retired from this work to focus on painting full time.


The ‘Lifting the Veil’ exhibition can be seen at Storiel until 14 April.


Storiel is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm.