Cyngor iechyd a lles ar flaen eich bysedd

Date: 10/02/2017

Health and well-being advice at the touch of a button

Residents across North Wales are being reminded of a website that provides an extensive range of health and well-being advice and support, all at the touch of a button.

 Dewis Cymru is an online directory that provides a wide range of information around people’s well-being, social activities, personal safety, looking after money and children and families. Dewis Cymru is the place for information about well-being in Wales and directs people to support available in their local community.

 People visiting /  can access a wide range of topics, including details of after school and breakfast clubs, child minders, community learning, events, family support services, holiday clubs, playground, transport and much more.

 People can also find out information around dealing with financial matters and the help available, advice on protecting children and vulnerable people, safety in the home, dealing with debt, working and learning  and feeling connected with technology.

 Visitors to the website can find out information about their local community by simply typing in their postcode.

 Bethan Jones Edwards, Head of Regional Collaboration for the North Wales Social Care and Well-being Service Improvement Collaborative, said: “Dewis Cymru is an extremely valuable communication resource where people can access all sorts of advice on their health and well-being.

 “The Social Services and Well-Being Act, introduced in 2016, places the emphasis on all health and social care organisations to provide support in a different way through accessing help and advice in the local community. The Dewis Cymru website allows us to direct people to a wide range of really useful advice online that people can access 24 hours a day.

 “It is also a great way of finding out about community groups in your local area. People will be surprised at the range of support available – it’s all about connecting people to the right organisation or advice.  It also allows people to have a choice and to take control”.

 Organisations and providers of services can also register online to help promote the services they offer.