February Folktales - Magical half term activities

Date: 14/02/2017
Hunaniaith Chwedlau

February Folktales - Magical half term activities

To celebrate the Year of Legends in Wales, Hunaniaith, Gwynedd’s Welsh Language Initiative has organised a series of exciting activities during the half term holiday for the whole family. There’s a warm welcome to everyone and everything’s free of charge so come along!

The following sessions run from 2pm-3:30pm and are for children of 4 years old and their parents (except for the Rhys a Meinir session on 22 February which is aimed for 8 year old and older children and the film that will be shown 3:30pm).

20 February- The fun sessions will start at Craflwyn, Beddgelert where Gwyn Edwards will tell the tale of the 2 dragons and there will be a chance to create your own dragon with Non Lloyd Jones.

21 February- Children and parents are welcome at Panperthog Hall. Come to the land of fairies with Gwilym and Lucy Morus-Baird before creating something magical.

22 February- Meirion MacIntyre Huws will share the story of Rhys a Meinir before presenting a fun workshop at Bryn Eisteddfod, Clynnog Fawr.

23 February- There will be an opportunity for parents to join in the world of fairies in the Aerodrome in Llanbedr in the company of Betsan Brysur, creating fairies’ ears!

24 February- There will be a chance to hear the tale of Branwen and Bendigeidfran from the Mabinogi with Betsan Brysur and create a mural at Harlech Hall.

25 February- An end to a week full of folk tales and magic, The Magic Lantern Cinema will be showing the film Eldra at 3:30pm (with Welsh Sub-titles). The film is set in the 1930s and shows a young girl of Romani decadence in Wales.

Hunaniaith’s Chairman, Dafydd Iwan said: “In the Spirit of ‘Year of Legends’, it’s important that we celebrate our rich legends and folktales as a nation, and it’s Hunaniaith’s pleasure, to invite you to many events over the half term which will give the children of Gwynedd an opportunity to enjoy these folktales as close as possible to where the tales originate.”

If you’re eager to book a place or would like more information about the activities, you’re welcome to contact Hunaniaith by e-mailing: hunaniaith@gwynedd.llyw.cymru or over the phone: 01286679452.