Gwynedd Youth Service collaborating to create a project for Pwllheli town

Date: 21/04/2022
murlun graffiti efo plant

The young people of the Pwllheli have been taking part in an activity to create a graffiti mural in the town, thanks to the collaboration between Gwynedd Youth, Pwllheli Football Club and North Wales Police.

The work on the mural was part of a joint project, funded by Gwynedd Youth and partly by North Wales Police PACT for Pwllheli and district young people.

Collaborating on the project, which gave young people the opportunity to learn graffiti skills by creating a mural for the community, were Andrew Owen, Dwyfor area Youth Worker; Adrian Miles Williams and Chris Williams Officers of Pwllheli Football Club; Geraint Williams and Sarah Hughes Police Community Support Officers; and artist Andy Brich of Dime One Grafiti.

The aim of Pwllheli Football Club working in partnership with Gwynedd Youth, is for the Club to be open and accessible to the whole community, and not just to young people with an interest in football.  And they saw value in working with Gwynedd Youth to achieve this vision.

Chris Williams Pwllheli Football Club said:

"We as a club wanted to raise awareness that this Club is more than a Football Club and is a Club for the whole community.

"Working with Gwynedd Youth proves and demonstrates that we are open to all young people in the Pwllheli community, whether they are interested in football or not. We are keen to collaborate on future projects for young people in the community and for different services and agencies to bring different experience and skills to the projects.

"Many thanks to Andrew and Gwynedd Youth for co-ordinating this event, and thanks to the young people and Andy Birch, the mural is fantastic. I would also like to thank the young people of the area for their effort and work during the project. ”

Jesse Dobson a young person who worked on the project said:

“I have really enjoyed this experience. I don't visit this football pitch often, as I thought it was only football, now I understand through Gwynedd Youth and the club that this place is a space for the whole community.

"I have enjoyed this activity and am delighted to be part of a community project in my area and I want to say thank you to Gwynedd Youth for the opportunity to socialize and learn new skills."

Gwynedd Youth, Pwllheli Football Club and the Police are keen to continue to work together for the future.​​​​​​​

Annette Ryan, Youth Support Work Leader said –

‘’Youth Workers work hard to provide opportunities for young people to develop personal, social and educational skils in communities throughout Gwynedd.  

This project is an excellent example of what can happen when working in partnership with others in communities. 

The young people of Pwllheli and district are fantastic and deserve every opportunity to be able to socialise, have fun, learn skills and reach their full potential, especially after the past two years. 

We are delighted to be able to work in partnership with Pwllheli Football Club in order to raise awareness that the Club is open to all, a Club for the whole community.  We look forward to developing many more exciting projects with young people and the Club. 

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