Un dydd ar y tro: A series of videos in Welsh to support children's mental health and wellbeing

Date: 09/12/2020

Leisa Mererid, the well respected yoga and mindfulness teacher has created a series of daily videos for primary children that will assist to support their wellbeing and mental health.


According to Ifan Jones, Language Development Officer for Hunaniaith: Menter Iaith Gwynedd  who are managing and sponsoring the series: “The videos will be broadcasted daily, Monday to Friday during the term between 4 January and 26 February 2021 on the digital channel AM Cymru.


“Leisa Mererid has amazing skills and experiences in the field and we were eager to contribute to the array of resources available through the medium of Welsh.”


Leisa Mererid, who is an experienced yoga teacher and is a qualified mindfulness practitioner for children, said: “The videos will be a series of short exercises that will include videos to support the health and wellbeing of the pupils, teachers and teaching assistants. We have seven weeks of material in the series to coincide with the school term.


“The intention of the activities is to introduce yoga and mindfulness to the curriculum in a simple and fun way, by doing this ‘un dydd ar y tro’ which translates in to ‘one day at a time’ in English.”


There will be a daily pattern to the programme that will follow the order of the days of the week:


  • Dydd Llun Llesol - Beneficial Monday
  • Dydd Mawrth Mynegi - Expressful Tuesday
  • Dydd Mercher Meddylgarwch - Mindfulness Wednesday
  • Dydd Iau Ioga - Yoga Thursday
  • Dydd Gwener Gorffwys - Resting Friday


These short exercises will prepare children for the day ahead. It will be possible to re-visit these practices many times during the day as needed to help the learning.


Councillor Cemlyn Williams, Education Cabinet Member for Gwynedd Council added: “I’m glad to see this provision provided to the staff and pupils of Gwynedd schools.


“Looking after our mental health is essential to provide the best start for Gwynedd children as well as supporting our teachers and assistants, and it’s brilliant being able to offer this support through the medium of Welsh.”


Leisa has prepared a textbook to support teachers and teaching asstitants to guide the classes through the practices; they were created with the sponsorship from the Additional learning Support Department of Gwynedd Council. Contact Hunaniaith on Hunaniaith@gwynedd.llyw.cymru to receive a PDF copy of it.


PHOTOGRAPH: Leisa Mererid has created a series of daily videos for primary children to support their wellbeing and mental health.