Safety tips for shopping on-line this Christmas

Date: 09/12/2020

If you are shopping on-line this Christmas the Gwynedd Trading Standards team want to ensure that you stay safe and shop wisely.  If something looks like it is too good to be true, the likelihood is that it is!  There is a strong possibility that the goods are fake or part of a scam.

Make sure you are buying from a recognised website, make sure the payment pages are safe and remember to log out as soon as you have completed your purchase.  Remember that if you are making a payment of over £100, a credit card is the safest way to pay.  If you are making a purchase through an on line auction or social media marketplace NEVER transfer money directly to the seller as it is possible you could be scammed.

At Christmas time it is likely that you will receive various offer electronically on your computer – never click on any links that accompany these emails.

Be careful at this time of the year and be vigilant about counterfeit goods  –  they may be in breach of trademark or copyright legislation.  More advice about keeping safe when shopping online can be found below: