Providing charging points for electric cars in Gwynedd

Date: 23/12/2020
Car Trydan

Gwynedd Council is eager to listen to the opinions of the communities as it prepares to install charging points for electric cars across the county.


Over recent years the use of electric cars has increased, with many more aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint. The Council is now asking residents about the locations where they feel the charging points should be located.


Councillor Gareth Griffith, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, said:


“Gwynedd Council wants to make it easier for residents to change from petrol and diesel vehicles by providing more electric car charging points through-out the county.


“As a Council, we’ve reduced our carbon emissions by 47% since 2006. This exciting development of installing charging points builds on this positive work and is an important step towards our commitment to tackling climate change.


“Last year, we started on the work of renewing our petrol and diesel fuelled vehicles to electric vehicles. We provided charging points at the locations where the vehicles are parked so that they’re charging through the night and ready to go in the morning.


“By working together with Scottish Power Energy Networks [SPEN] our intention over the next two years is to introduce more charging points in Council car parks and sites so that they are available to the public.


“A questionnaire is available on the Council website, which also provides the opportunity to see if any other restrictions and opportunities to try to encourage the use of electric cars in the county. We’re encouraging people to have their say so that we can make sure that our plans match the needs and wishes of the people of Gwynedd.”


For more information about the work and to have your say on the car charging points in Gwynedd go to


PHOTOGRAPH: Councillor Catrin Wager and Councillor Gareth Griffith, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Members with one of the Council’s electric vehicles