Preparing for wintry weather

Date: 07/12/2017

During periods of cold weather, we receive regular forecasts and our staff monitor weather conditions to ensure that our gritting teams treat Gwynedd's priority routes as necessary. When snow or ice is predicted, priority routes are pre-treated with salt and grit by the Council's Highways and Municipal Service.

With a yellow weather warning for snow and ice in place over the coming days, our gritting teams will be out to ensure that main roads are clear.

We would advise motorists to take care when driving in wintry weather conditions and check the forecast before travelling. Frost, ice or snow on the road will reduce the grip of tyres - this makes vehicles more likely to skid. Therefore if you do need to travel, our advice is to slow down, drive carefully, brake gently and leave plenty of time for your journey.

 To keep up-to-date with the latest news about Council services and information about any roads or areas affected by extreme weather by following the Council’s social media accounts. Follow us on Twitter @CyngorGwynedd or search for ‘Cyngor Gwynedd Council’ on Facebook. More information about staying safe during the winter is also available here: