Take the Think Safe Drink Safe Alcohol Quiz

Date: 09/12/2016
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North Wales Police Press Release

Take the Think Safe Drink Safe Alcohol Quiz

Members of the public are being encouraged to take part in a quiz which will help them understand how alcohol can affect them and make them aware if they are drinking too much.

 The online quiz forms part of the work being undertaken by North Wales Police and their partners in relation to the Think Safe Drink Safe campaign which launched two weeks ago.

 The campaign is aimed at promoting safe and responsible drinking and prevent and reduce levels of alcohol fuelled violent crime and anti-social behaviour across North Wales at this time of year. It also aims to ensure that visitors to towns across the region can enjoy a safe and relaxed night out during the festive period. 

 The ‘Think about your drink’ quiz was originally developed by Public Health Wales and Alcohol Concern on scratch cards with the electronic version now being hosted on the North Wales Police website.

 Thousands of scratch cards are being distributed by officers and staff from across all partner agencies as part of the initiative. North Wales Police will distribute them as part of the All Wales Anti Drink and Drug Drive Campaign.

 The scratch cards will see users scratch-off a score based on how often and how much they drink. Their total score will tell them whether they are drinking at a level that is putting their health at risk.

 The reverse side of the cards contains useful information about the benefits of cutting down, and directs people to services that can help them if they have a high score.

 The cards have now been developed as an online quiz via http://www.north-wales.police.uk/contact/alcohol-quiz

 Superintendent Jane Banham said: “Alcohol is a powerful drug which can put people at risk of being killed or seriously injured, arrested, or becoming a victim of crime.

 “We want people to enjoy the festive season, but we know from experience that at this time of year some people will come to harm due to alcohol excess and it’s the emergency services and local councils who are left picking up the pieces.

 “The quiz will just act as a guide and offer a new way for people to look at their own drinking and maybe get some help to cut back.”

 Siobhan Adams, Interim Deputy Director of Public Health in North Wales said: “A survey recently showed 4 in 10 adults in Wales report drinking above the guidelines on at least one day in the week. Although there is no safe limit for drinking alcohol, the guidelines advise that you can keep your health risk low by drinking less than 14 units a week and spreading your consumption out over three or more days.

“The new online quiz can help people to know how much they’ve drunk in a day a week or a month and can help make informed decisions when the next social situation presents itself.  A day on the mocktails can be equally enjoyable and can help you hit your five a day!”

 All agencies will be using social media to help raise awareness of the campaign and social media users are encouraged to follow the hashtag #ThinkSafeDrinkSafe