Maesgeirchen environmental project helps to develop skills

Date: 09/12/2016

Maesgeirchen environmental project

Maesgeirchen environmental project helps to develop skills

Different agencies and the community have come together to create an exciting environmental project in Maesgeirchen Bangor, by creating a lovely planting area. The flower bed was opened officially by the Assembly Member, Siân Gwenllian.

 Gwynedd’s Community First project “FastTrack” organised the project, with helo by Maesgeirchen Partnerships, Community First Gwynedd, Wynne Construction, Welsh Slate, Wild Elements and a local builder, Jason Unstead.

 The idea for the project came from the local Councillor and Director of PMP, Nigel Pickavance, in order to improve the area and facilitate opportunities local residents to connect with their local community and natural environment, by helping them to win confidence and new skills. 

 Community First’s finance was used to commission Fast Track, to develop 8 week course for 8 local residents to gain experience in the environmental sector, improve skills and gain professional qualification in Health and Safety or First Aid.

 Councillor Nigel Pickavance said: “I’m so glad to say that the project had a very positive affect on the lives of those who took part in the project as well as those who live in Maesgeirchen.”