Say no thanks to phone scammers

Date: 16/12/2016

Say no thanks to phone scammers

Gwynedd Council’s Trading Standards team have recently received reports of suspected scam phone-calls, with some members of the public receiving cold calls from an individual purporting to be from a phone provider and asking for personal data to be provided. The Council’s Trading Standards team are advising the public not to share personal or bank details with cold callers.

 On some occasions, scammers may even suggest you call back to verify who they are, but what they are doing is holding the phone line open and intercepting the call. Fraudsters know how to keep your phone line open when you are dialling. You may think that you are through to your bank when actually you’re speaking to the original caller. If someone receives such a call and really want to check with their bank whether the call is genuine it is important that they always telephone their bank to check off a different telephone number to the one on which they received the original call – and of course remember never to give their personal details to anyone over the phone.

 Remember if you do receive what you think is a scam phone call:

-       Do not give any bank or personal details over the phone

-       Do not get dragged into a conversation with a cold caller

-       Say 'no thank you' politely and put the phone down

-       Ask friends, neighbours or family if you are interested in an offer, to help check out if it is likely to be a scam.

 Gwynedd residents who have concerns regarding such calls are urged to contact Gwynedd Council’s Trading Standards team so that they can investigate. More help and advice is available on the Gwynedd Council website: or you can contact the Gwynedd Trading Standards team on 01766 771000 or email: