Great opportunities to become an apprentice with Gwynedd Council

Date: 12/02/2021

Gwynedd Council is looking to appoint a number of new apprentices in a variety of fields over the coming months.


This comes after the launch of the Council Apprenticeship Scheme in 2019, with many of those individuals who had the opportunity at that time now moving on to jobs within the Council.


Councillor Nia Jeffreys, Gwynedd Council's Cabinet Member who leads on the field, said:


“As a Council, we want to secure good jobs for the people of Gwynedd and as one of the county's largest employers, it is important that we continue to develop a quality workforce for the future.


"Through the apprenticeship scheme, we are keen to offer people the experience of working alongside specialist officers, as well as securing training, skills development and qualifications whilst working for us.


“It's so great to see that many of the individuals who were given an apprenticeship opportunity with Gwynedd Council have been able to develop and secure a job within the authority.


“There is no doubt that the apprenticeship scheme offers people a great foundation for career development, and that of course is provided through the medium of Welsh. Opportunities are available in a variety of fields including adult care, learning disabilities, childcare, civil engineering, business and administration and information technology.”


Anyone can apply for an apprenticeship with the Council - opportunities are open to anyone over the age of 16, living in Wales and not in full-time education.


An apprenticeship with Gwynedd Council offers the chance to begin on a career path, offering the opportunity to learn on the job, gain professional experience as well as a relevant qualification - all through the medium of Welsh.


Since 2019, Mared Wyn Owen has been pursuing an apprenticeship as an Adult Care Apprentice. She has benefited significantly from the scheme and is encouraging anyone who is interested to go for it.


Mared said: “Are you thinking of doing an apprenticeship in adult care? Go for it, it's great to be able to end every shift knowing you've made a difference to an individual's day.”


Ceris Alaw Jones has been a Civil Engineering (Highways and Municipal) apprentice with the Council: “An apprenticeship is a great opportunity for a young person. I have had very varied experiences since starting the scheme and have really enjoyed it. It's great to have the experience, a qualification, a salary and the support of all my colleagues at the same time. ”


Details of all apprenticeships available with Gwynedd Council over the coming weeks will be published on, and the opportunities will also be promoted on the Council's social media accounts.


PHOTOGRAPH: Mared Wyn Owen, an Adult Care Apprentice with the Council and Ceris Alaw Jones who has been following a Civil Engineering apprenticeship