Have your say about Arts on Prescription

Date: 28/08/2020

Gwynedd Council is keen to hear the views of the county's residents about the idea of establishing an Arts on Prescription scheme.


Coronavirus has affected every aspect of our lives, and one of the obvious challenges is the need to look after our mental health and wellbeing. Stress, anxiety, loneliness and depression are something that can affect everyone from time to time.


With that in mind, Gwynedd Council Community Arts is exploring the possibilities of establishing an Arts on Prescription scheme in the county. Such schemes are available in many areas of the UK but not currently here in Gwynedd.


Gwawr Wyn Roberts, Gwynedd Council's Community Arts Development Officer, explained: "Schemes sych as this enable people to receive a prescription to attend or do an arts activity such as drawing, singing, dancing, acting etc to enable them to express themselves and contribute positively toward their health and well-being.


"Since the arrival of COVID-19 we believe that the demand for these types of opportunities will become increasingly important as society slowly recovers, so it was decided to continue the research."


The first step is to spend some time researching the most appropriate methods to run such a scheme. CELyn is leading this important work in collaboration with the project Steering Group. An online survey has been launched to find out the views and ideas of Gwynedd residents about establishing such a scheme.


Caryl Elin Lewis of Cwmni CELyn said: "We are delighted to have been appointed to undertake this research. There is great potential to enhance the status of the arts in Gwynedd and its role in improving the health and wellbeing of residents.


“The survey is a method of gathering information and finding out if there is an initial interest and identify what is important to Gwynedd's residents. It's easy to complete, and should take no more than five minutes. "


Gwawr Wyn Roberts added: “The research is an important step towards establishing an Art on Prescription scheme here in Gwynedd. Finding out residents' views and ideas is key if we are to develop a plan that is easy to access and meets people's needs effectively. I would encourage as many as possible to complete the questionnaire.


"Exploring digital ways of working is likely to be a key part of the plan, although we also hope to be able to carry out face-to-face activities in the future when this can be done safely."


The Council is keen to hear from relevant residents and groups - the survey is available here:



The survey will be open until 21 September