COVID - 19 - Temporary change to operational procedures at the Aber Swing Bridge

Date: 09/04/2020

The bridge will be open to pedestrians from 7am until 11pm every day until further notice without a Gwynedd Council Bridge Operator being in full time attendance.

The Council feels that due to restrictions on movement surrounding pleasure vessels being designated as non-essential, and the numbers of available trained staff currently available to operate the bridge; that a safe and efficient method can be adopted temporarily to maintain foot crossing of the Afon Seiont river for members of the public.

The Seiont  remains a safe haven for all vessels required to enter the harbour, these temporary changes will be distributed to all mariners by the Harbour Master by means of a ‘Notice to Mariners’ and copied to H M Coastguard as a matter of course.

Currently only four vessels are authorised to leave the river Seiont, namely:

  • Seiont IV (YHCHT)
  • Y Foryd  (YHCHT)
  • Valhalla (MFV)
  • Girl Helen (MFV)

In the event the bridge requires opening to river traffic, Gwynedd Council has three trained members of the Aber Bridge operating team available to respond to requests – please provide a minimum half hour notice, more wherever possible to request attendance.

William Derek Jones on 01286 676689 or 07836360616

Eryl Bryn Davies on 07747013477

Dafydd Roberts on 01286 831521 or 07903586937

In the very unlikely scenario a response has not been received from the above, please contact Gerallt Hughes on 07970975519 who can contact and mobilise maintenance engineers to attend and open the bridge.