Tidy Towns in Caernarfon community clean-up

Date: 05/04/2018


Caernarfon1 Caernarfon2a Caernarfon2b

Residents living on the Tanrallt side of Margaret Street in Caernarfon have benefited from a recent Tidy Towns project to clear an overgrown area of litter and fly-tipped items. 

The project is one of a number of annual Gwynedd Council Tidy Towns projects to clean-up rundown areas and so help cut down on further fly-tipping, littering and other anti-social behaviour.

Local Gwynedd County Councillor Cemlyn Rees Williams, noted: “The Cadnant Ward benefits from plenty of green spaces, which makes it a pleasant place to live and also for its children to play in and discover, especially in spring and summer. So it’s a real problem when some people disrespect this natural appeal by littering and dumping rubbish. I’m happy to hear that this Tidy Towns project is able to address some of these problems.”

Local Town Councillor Maria Sarnacki, said: “This area of Caernarfon is a busy link between Twthill and the residential areas along Llanberis Road, and so it gets high pedestrian usage. This access brings with it problems of litter and fly-tipping and therefore it’s important to keep on top of it. Tidy Towns has enabled us to do this and I thank them and Gwynedd Council for their input here.”

Gwynedd Council’s Highways and Municipal Cabinet Member, Councillor Gareth Wyn Griffith, added: “This site is where the beautiful Cadnant Valley reaches Caernarfon and so any amount of rubbish and litter spoils the whole area, especially for its residents. I’d like to thank Tidy Towns for its help in tackling a problem that would otherwise not have been as easy to deal with.”

Anyone found guilty of littering in any public place could face a court summons and a fine of up to £2,500.

For more information about Gwynedd Council's Tidy Towns scheme or if you would like to start a community group, contact the team on 01766 771000 or send an e-mail to trefitaclus@gwynedd.llyw.cymru if you’d like to request a community pack.

To report an incident of fly-tipped waste in Gwynedd, contact Gwynedd Council's Street Enforcement Team on 01766 771000 or visit the Council website: www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru and click on ‘Report a problem’ and then click on ‘Fly tipping’.

For more information on fly-tipping, visit www.flytippingactionwales.org


1 - Local resident, Neil Jat; Caernarfon Town Councillor Maria Sarnacki with Peter Simpson, Gwynedd Streetscene Manager inspecting the newly cleared alleyway.

2-3  – Part of the area, showing the site before and after the clean-up project.