Have your say on Gwynedd Council's Welsh Language Promotion Scheme for 2018-2023

Date: 30/04/2018
Hybu'r Gymraeg - Saesneg

In accordance with the Welsh Language Standards, the Council is required to produce and publish a strategic document showing how it intends to promote the use of Welsh and increase or maintain the number of speakers across the county.


The Council is therefore publishing the 'Welsh Language Promotion Plan for Gwynedd 2018-2023', as a consultation draft version, and is inviting residents and organisations to submit their views and comments on the contents.


Gwynedd Council is eager to hear from the county’s residents and other organisations on its draft strategy to promote the Welsh language and to facilitate its use across the county over the next five years.


Gwynedd Council Leader, Councillor Dyfrig Siencyn said: “The Council has a proud tradition of promoting and protecting the Welsh language as a natural means of communicating its services, and of working to ensure that all the county’s residents are able to live in a Welsh-speaking natural society.


"As part of this work, we have prepared a Plan for the period 2018 to 2023 which identifies some of the opportunities available to increase the use of Welsh in Gwynedd, to maintain its status as the stronghold of Welsh language, and identify priorities in several areas. It also compliments priorities identified in other Council plans, such as the Secondary Language Strategy and the Wellbeing Plan.


“The draft Welsh Language Plan refers to those areas where the Council has an influence, and where we believe that a real difference can be made in the short term, as well as setting firm foundations for the future. There is emphasis on identifying opportunities to increase Gwynedd residents’ use of Welsh in every aspect of their lives, and to ensure that those who already use the language feel proud and confident in the language.


“We are aware that it will not be possible for the Council to work alone to deliver some of the priorities noted in the Plan, and we will need to work together with several partners and an external organisations to achieve our aims.


"We would encourage anyone who has an interest in this matter to look at the draft Plan and to submit their comments. Every comment will be considered in detail as we decide on the way forward and agree a final plan."


The consultation period on the Welsh Language Promotion Scheme will run until 5 June 2018. You can take part in several ways:


  • By completing the online questionnaire: www.gwynedd.gov.uk/WelshPromotionPlan
  • By sending replies via email to cydraddoldebaciaith@gwynedd.llyw.cymru
  • By sending paper replies to: Welsh Language Promotion Scheme Consultation 2018-2023, Uned Iaith, Cyngor Gwynedd, Caernarfon, LL55 1SH
  • There will be an opportunity to attend consultation events that will be held across the county, and details of these sessions will be promoted shortly.