Bangor school's anti-litter campaign

Date: 26/04/2018
Ymgyrch Ysgol y Garnedd

Children from Ysgol y Garnedd’s Eco Group in Bangor went out and about on paths near their school recently to combat the litter problem.

The children were keen to do something to help the environment as part of their studies, and so they contacted Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns Officer who was only too happy to help them.

The harsh winter weather had prevented them from undertaking their project on two previous occasions, so it was a very enthusiastic group of children and local Gwynedd Councillor Elin Walker Jones, who greeted Tidy Towns’ Jonathan Gwyn Neale as he arrived on a clear April morning.

Matthew and Elin, who are members of the school’s Eco Group, said: “We collected 11 bags of rubbish, with crisp packets, chocolate wrappers and bottles. Yuck! To help us do the work we had special gloves, yellow jackets and collecting sticks. We think our work has helped to keep the environment clean and it’s very important to share the message with children and people that it is wrong to throw litter.”

Another helper on the day was the school’s Deputy, Ann Gash, who said: “A morning to remember for the Green Eco Group! It was a pleasure to work with the kids and to see how determined they were to pick-up litter and respect their environment. They were amazed that they’d collected 11 bags of litter. They’re now raring to go back before the end of term in the hope that there won’t be any more litter.”

Following the event, local Gwynedd Councillor Elin Walker Jones, commented: “It was fantastic to see how intent they were to reduce litter in their community. Their initiative reflects well on them and on their school. I look forward at seeing them out again getting our community spaces cleaned up and tidy once again.”

Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Municipal services, Councillor Gareth Wyn Griffith, said: “A big thank you goes to the Green Eco Group at Ysgol y Garnedd for their efforts to improve the local environment. It’s so heartening to see that our primary schoolchildren, with Tidy Towns help, are so keen to improve the look and cleanliness of our communities. Well done.”

 Those who discard litter in a public place are committing a crime. Anyone found guilty of littering in any public place could face a court summons and a fine of up to £2,500.

 For more information about Gwynedd Council's Tidy Towns scheme or if you would like to start your own community group contact the team on 01766 771000 or send an e-mail to if you’d like to request a community pack.

 Gwynedd’s Tidy Towns scheme is funded by a Welsh Government grant which aims to improve Wales’ local environment.

 PHOTOGRAPH: Members of Ysgol y Garnedd’s Green Eco Group, with Jonathan Neale, Gwynedd Tidy Towns Officer and Councillor Elin Walker Jones.