Caernarfon Litter Hotspot Campaign

Date: 04/04/2017

Caernarfon Litter Hotspot Campaign

Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns campaign has recently funded a clearance of roadside litter and fly-tipped materials from Caernarfon’s Llanberis Road roundabout and up towards the Rhosbodrual area of the town.  The discarded litter and rubbish had accumulated in scrub and woodland areas adjacent to the road which made it difficult to remove.

 Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns Officer, Jonathan Neale, said:  ‘The litter alongside this stretch of road is amongst the worst I’ve seen, with layers of cans and bottles on the woodland floor.  When you ask people about littering, they often complain about the lack of bins, but this is not really the issue as people can easily carry their rubbish to a bin if they really wanted to.’

 Kylie Jones Mattock of The Woodland Trust, who manages nearby Coed Cadnant, said: ‘We have to employ a contractor to litterpick on a monthly basis at Coed Cadnant because the problem is so bad. It’s sad that people discard litter so freely and seemingly without a second thought whilst walking or driving. It’s a major and costly problem for us here.’

 Gwynedd Council’s Senior Waste and Commissioning Manager, Steffan Jones, said:

 ‘A recent survey found that Gwynedd’s streets are amongst the cleanest in Wales. We are committed to improving the standard of street cleanliness through raising awareness with our Tidy Towns campaigns and also by prosecuting those who ignore the law on littering and fly-tipping.’

 Those who discard litter in a public place are committing a crime. Anyone found guilty of littering in any public place could face a court summons and a fine of up to £2,500. To report any instances of fly-tipping, contact Gwynedd Council’s street enforcement team on 01766 771000.

 Gwynedd’s Tidy Towns scheme is funded by a Welsh Government grant which aims to improve the local environment.

 For more information about Gwynedd Council's Tidy Towns scheme or if you would like to start your own community group contact the team on 01766 771000 or send an e-mail to if you’d like to request a community pack.