Criccieth volunteers assess source of marine litter

Date: 28/04/2017

Criccieth volunteers assess source of marine litter

Residents of the Criccieth area have been monitoring marine litter on the town’s beach. A survey recently took place on Morannedd beach, organised by the Llŷn Marine Ecosystems Project.

 The project aims to monitor the beach regularly to gather valuable data that will help identify trends and to assess the source of the litter.

 Chairman of Criccieth Town Council Robert Dafydd Cadwalader said: “Our beaches face the prevailing winds and the Gulf Stream and the amount of rubbish, particularly plastic, that washes up is horrendous.

 “It’s important that we make an effort to control this. We hold regular beach cleans and many residents gather rubbish when they go for their walks.

 “This session was different in that some of the volunteers recorded the various items found along the gravel bank between Criccieth and Black Rock. This data is vital in the battle to cut down the use of plastic and the Council wholeheartedly supports the project.”

 Molly Lovatt, Natural Resources Wales said: “Working to tackle marine litter is really important for wildlife conservation.

 “But it is equally important that beaches are clean for local residents and holidaymakers, who enjoy our spectacular coastline and beaches with all the health and economic benefits of being active outdoors.”

 The Marine Conservation Society’s standard method was used for the survey, and the data will be added to 20 years’ worth of evidence.

 The Llŷn Marine Ecosystems Project works with partners to improve the resilience of the marine environment. It is also tasked with improving everyone’s understanding of the marine environment.