Taxi owner fined for using unlicensed vehicle

Date: 07/04/2017

Taxi owner fined for using unlicensed vehicle

The owner of a Gwynedd taxi company, Patrick Redgrifft who used an unlicensed vehicle without valid insurance appeared at Caernarfon Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 5 April.

 Mr Redgrifft previously of Dolgellau and now residing in the Wirral area entered a plea of guilty on both counts as well as a third offence for not informing the Local Authority of his change of address.

 In September 2016 a Gwynedd Council official witnessed Mr Redgrifft’s unlicensed vehicle collecting a pupil from school as part of a school transport contract. When challenged at the time over carrying out contract and hire work in an unlicensed and invalidated insurance vehicle, he claimed that he was unaware that the license had expired in August 2016.

 Magistrates ordered Mr Redgrifft to pay a fine of £80 for operating an unlicensed vehicle, £120 for an invalid insurance, £40 for not informing the local authority of a change in business address, as well as a further £130 in costs. Mr Redgrifft also had six penalty points endorsed on his driving licence.

 Dafydd Williams, Head of Gwynedd Council’s Regulatory Services said:

 “The taxi industry in Gwynedd provides an important service to residents and businesses in the area. As a Council, we try and work closely with the taxi industry in order to ensure that the businesses operate in accordance with the regulations.  Ensuring that vehicles have a valid license and insurance is something that members of the public have a right to expect and this is a matter that we as a Council take extremely seriously.

 “It must be emphasised that the vast majority of taxi businesses adhere to national and local regulations. It is therefore important in order to support the vast majority of businesses that comply with the regulations and in order to protect the public, that we take action in cases such as this, when there is sufficient evidence.”