Beware of Door to door fish sellers

Date: 21/04/2017

Gwynedd Public Protection Service are once again warning consumers to beware of fish salesmen trying to persuade householders to buy hundreds of pounds worth of fresh fish – across the county of Gwynedd.

There have been reports in the last week of traders selling door to door, asking residents, including elderly people, if they would like to buy fish.

There are some concerns about the fish sellers, especially as to whether the fish sellers are registered as a food business operator which is a legal requirement for all food businesses under EC Regulation no 852/2004, and indeed are adhering to all Food Safety and hygiene Regulations which applies to such businesses. 

When buying fish from door to door salesmen, the purchaser very often has no way of knowing how the fish has been stored and whether it is safe to eat.  These type of sellers commonly use non refrigerated vans, and there maybe issues with the labelling and quality of the fish.

The best place to buy fish is from a reputable fishmonger at an established shop, stall or regular roundsmen.

Should a member of public have any further information with regard to these fish sellers,  they are urged to contact Gwynedd Council’s Public Protection Service on 01766 771000 or by e-mail at