Privacy and Cookies


Having the confidence to impart any private information to the council via online forms or applications requires reassurance - it's important to us that, when you choose to do so, your privacy is not compromised and that we behave in a clear, responsible manner.

We regard protecting your personal information as critically important - we will only ever require this information to provide current services and plan for future service areas.

Any personal information provided by you is stored in databases owned by either Gwynedd Council or an organisation used by the Council to provide on line services on its behalf.

Unless prompted through law we will never impart any personal information to companies, businesses or individuals.

When using debit cards to make any on line payments - council tax etc., card details will be encrypted along with other security measures. 


When you visit this website for the first time you will see a message advising you that cookies are used on this website. Some parts of the website may not work properly if you choose to refuse cookies from this site.

No sensitive information such as telephone numbers or email addresses are stored within these cookies. The cookies we use provide us with information regarding the behaviour of users within our site - what areas are of interest to them and what services they frequently use, etc. They may also be used to remember login details for some services, e.g. online job applications.

The table below explains the cookies we use and why.

Cookies used on Gwynedd Council website
CookieName Purpose 
Siteimprove SiteAnalyze statistics Nmstat This cookie helps to record a visitor’s use of the website.

The information is only used for web analytics which will help us improve the website.

The cookie holds no personal or sensitive information. 
Siteimprove SiteAnalyze statistics ASP.NET_SessionId The purpose of this cookie is to track the sequence of pages a visitor looks at during a visit to the site.

This information can be used to reduce user journeys, and enable visitors to find relevant information more quickly. 
Language Iaith This website uses cookies to function bilingually and to remember the user’s language preference.

If you choose to disable cookies on your computer it’s possible that the Council’s website will not function in such a sophisticated manner. It is possible that you will find yourself in the Welsh version of each page as you browse through the site and you will need to click on the English button in the top right hand corner to view the English version of the page.
Content Management System ASP Session ASPSESSION(AQBDCQBD)

The characters within the brackets can vary
The content management system uses this cookie as you navigate between pages on the website. It keeps a record of your session while on the website.

The cookie expires once the browser is closed.
Online Payments JSESSIONID This cookie holds information as a visitor navigates from one page to another within the online payments pages.

The cookie holds no personal or sensitive information.  
Planning - Track and Trace UwdSessionID The cookie is used to remember the visitor’s language choice within the Planning Track and Trace system.

The cookie expires once the browser is closed. 
Planning - Track and Trace JSESSIONID This cookie is placed within the Planning Track and Trace search facility. It will keep a record of your session as you search for any planning applications.

The cookie expires once the browser is closed.
Ebase cookie test EbaseCookieTest This cookie is relevant to the ‘My Account’ section of the website where you are asked to log in.

It is this cookie that hold the information about whether your cookies are switched off or not and displays the relevant information accordingly.  
Ebase session JSESSIONID This cookie is within the ‘My Account’ section of the website. The cookie remembers if you have logged in or not.

The cookie expires once the browser is closed.
Ebase –navigating between pages 1_pageSeq_4_(GAL_FY_NGHEISIADAU)

The wording will vary depending on which page you’re visiting and what you are doing 
The purpose of this cookie is to remember your details as you navigate from one page to another within the ‘My Account’ section.

The cookie expires once the browser is closed.
LimeSurvey Session ls56277422392735315346-runtime-publicportal This cookie is relevant to questionnaires. The purpose of the cookie is to help stop users completing the same survey multiple times where appropriate.

This temporary cookie expires once the browser is closed.
Cookie Test CwciPrawfTestCookie This is a session cookie which checks if cookies are turned on in your browser.

The cookie expires once the browser is closed.
Cyngor Gwynedd Cookie CwciCyngorGwyneddCookie This cookie records if you have accepted cookies from this website or not.

No personal details are held within this cookie.
YouTube    If you choose to play a YouTube video which is placed on a page within Gwynedd Council’s website, a cookie will be set by YouTube. Gwynedd Council uses the ‘privacy-enhanced mode’ which stops YouTube from setting the cookie unless you choose to play the video clip.
Election results ardal_
These cookies are used to remember which areas and electoral divisions have been expanded.

The cookies are only used within your browser and expire once the browser is closed.
Gwynedd Council Questionnaire holiadur_(x)_cwblhau or holiadur_(x)_gwrthod

The last character (x) refers to the version of the survey. 
This cookie determines whether a customer has previously participated in the survey or has rejected taking part.

Gwynedd Council can update these terms at any time. You should visit this page occasionally to review the information provided to you as an user.