Remodelling of the Youth Service

Between 13 November and 22 December, 2017 the Council held a consultation to discuss the future of the Youth Service.

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The feedback from the consultation went to the Cabinet on 13 March, 2018 where it was decided to approve the adoption of the model of a County-wide Youth Club.

At the full Council meeting on 3 May the Cabinet was asked to reconsider specific elements of the new model for the Youth Service due to concern about the change of emphasis from the community to the well-being of individuals, the impact on the most deprived areas of the county and the impact on the Welsh language.

Following a meeting of the Cabinet on the 12 June, 2018 it was agreed:

  • To accept the report and allocate up to £50,000 from the Transformation Fund to set up a fund to assist Community Councils that wish to retain a Youth Club to bridge the financial situation until they have established their own funding arrangements for 1 April 2019; 
  • To delegate the right to the Cabinet Member for Housing, Leisure and Culture in consultation with the Head of Children and Supporting Families Department to establish a prudential management procedure to manage the fund's expenditure. 

The model for the Youth Service has now been adopted.