Breakfast Club Questionnaire

The Council held a consultation on both of the following options to seek the opinion of the people of Gwynedd, by asking residents to complete a short questionnaire. Residents had until 1 of September 2017 to complete the survey.

The two options under consideration were:

a)    to provide free breakfast between 8.25am* and 8.50am*, but to do away with the free pre-school childcare which is provided between 8am* and 8.25am*;

b)    to provide free breakfast between 8.25am* and 8.50am* and introduce a fee for providing childcare to parents who are eager to receive it between 8am* and 8.25am*. Should this option be chosen, no fee would be charged for the free school breakfast between 8.25am* and 8.50am*

*illustrative times only

On the 3rd of October 2017, the Cabinet agreed to charge a fee of £0.80 for the childcare element before the breakfast club, giving a discount to families with three or more children, with these arrangements to commence on the 8 of January 2018.

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