Fair Services for all

This consultation period has now ended. The results will be available soon. 

Gwynedd Council conducting a survey on its services

Gwynedd Council has conducted a survey to see how accessible and fair services are so that they can be improved for the future. 


The consultation’s findings will be a basis for how public services and staffing systems will be adapted and developed so as to ensure they meet the needs of everyone who uses them.

Gwynedd Council offers a range of services for local people – from services which are familiar to everyone like recycling and waste collection, to specialist services that are relevant to particular groups of people like the homelessness services. Whatever the service, we need to avoid a situation where some people don’t make use of them because of barriers.

As one of the biggest employers of the county, with around 7,000 people working for the organisation, Gwynedd Council wants to make sure that the workforce reflects the local population and there’s no barriers preventing a range of people from all backgrounds from applying for jobs.