Motor homes consultation

Due to the increase in the popularity of visiting leisure vehicles, Gwynedd Council is conducting research into the situation on the effects locally and the national trends. This will provide an evidence base for a better understanding of the situation both locally and further afield, and useful for considering the need for any additional measures and better management.

The initial findings of the research highlight the need for the Council to consider possible measures for better management of leisure vehicle visits to the area.

Further information about the initial research

The initial research has looked at issues including:

  • Gwynedd Council's current management of leisure vehicles
  • Current provision in Gwynedd
  • Needs and trends of motor home owners?
  • The situation in other countries?

The main initial findings of the research include:

  • Gwynedd Council has powers to enforce against motorists who park illegally and usually where there are restrictions (eg yellow lines, in a car park where there are legal restrictions)
  • Leisure vehicles can park in some Gwynedd Council car parks, but no occupants are allowed to sleep in the vehicles overnight.
  • There are planning policies relating to touring caravan sites and there are no separate planning policies for leisure vehicles
  • The leisure vehicle sector is a relatively new type of market that has developed more in recent years with units becoming self-sufficient, with trends predicting further growth over the coming years.
  • The habits and needs of motor home owners in terms of the way they spend their holidays, are different from 'more traditional camping' in caravan and camping sites
  • The provision available from Gwynedd's caravan and camping sites does not always meet the needs and travel pattern of motor home owners.
  • Most caravan and camping sites are open from April to October and at certain times there is a suggestion especially during 2020 that there are instances of under-capacity. Several campsites selling annual plots.
  • There are examples in Scotland and England of measures to try to meet the needs of motor home users, often involving overnight use of car parks, with relevant restrictions.
  • In other European countries such as France, a network of designated overnight parking areas for use by fully self-contained leisure vehicles ('Aire' facility or similar) have been established. The intention is to encourage visitors traveling by leisure vehicles to stay in a town or village, in order to offer an element of economic benefit to the local community and to have better control of the sector


To further build our knowledge of the situation we are very keen to seek the views of Gwynedd’s communities. We would be grateful if you could completed the short survey below:

Online survey: Motor homes

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