Gwynedd Citizens Panel

What is the Citizens Panel?

The Citizens Panel is a group of around a 1,200 people who live in Gwynedd who are given the opportunity to regularly have their say on local services. The feedback is used to help the Council plan, deliver and review our local services.

The Panel's membership reflects the county's population in terms of:

  • age
  • gender
  • language
  • geographic location
  • race
  • religion
  • nationality
  • sexual orientation

Why do we need a Citizens Panel?

Ensuring that our customers’ voice is central to the Council’s work is important to us. The opinion and feedback shared by members of the Panel is used to review services, draw policies and plan for the future.

What do members of the Citizens Panel do?

Members of the Panel get the opportunity to have their say by completing around four surveys every year. Most of the surveys are conducted online with a very small cohort conducted over the phone if required. Panel members are also invited to take part in focus groups and informal meetings from time to time.

All the details and views given by members of the Panel are confidential and we fully abide by the General Data Protection Regulation. For more information visit our website.

What happens after a survey?

After each survey the results are analysed and a report is produced and presented to Members of the Council and the corporate management team. If the survey dealt with a specific service, the managers of that service will also receive the report.

A newsletter is sent to members of the Panel summarising the survey’s main findings and detailing what use is being made of the information.

Recent survey findings

The Summer Survey 2016

The Summer Survey was held with members of the Citizens Panel between August and October 2016.
The Gwynedd Citizens Panel was asked a series of questions about their use of the web. Over 500 responses were received by conducting telephone and online surveys.


Briefly, this is what the Citizens Panel had to say;

  • Most citizens (68%) used the web, and a high percentage of these confidently used it for shopping and banking (83%).
  • The Council offers a number of online services (including ordering a bin, a travel ticket and paying taxes). 54% of you already used our services over the web.
  • Some expressed their concerns that the website was 'difficult' to use, that 'telephoning was easier' and others weren’t aware that online services were available. The comments were analysed and passed on to the Self Service Project Manager.

By the end of 2017 the Council will:

  • Offer more online services, including booking sessions at the Leisure Centre, inquiring / complaining about recycling collections and paying for school lunches for children in Gwynedd Primary Schools.
  • Develop a My Account APP - making it easier to find the services, available 24 hours a day and convenient to use.

Join the Panel

We are not currently recruiting new members to the Gwynedd Citizens’ Panel because we’re currently updating our systems and policies.

Want to know more?

For more information contact the Communications and Engagement Team by phoning 01766 771 000 or sending an e-mail to