Communities First

Communities first is a program that focuses on the community and supports the Welsh Government's program tackling poverty. Gwynedd Council will receive an annual grant from the government to manage the program. The Council will use the grant to employ a team of staff and to implement various projects. 

The following areas are a part of the Communities First scheme

  • Talysarn (including Fron and Carmel)
  • Cadnant and Peblig
  • Maesgeirchen


Communities First work around themes that include: 

Prosperous Communities:

  • Helping people to develop employment skills and find work
  • Reducing unemployment and lack of engagement among young people
  • Promoting digital inclusion
  • Improving financial capacity, debt management and other income
  • Promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment
  • Reducing the risk of offending among young people

Healthier Communities:

  • Promoting physical well-being
  • Promoting mental well-being
  • Encouraging healthy eating
  • Reducing health risks

Learning Communities:

  • Encouraging learning among the family in the early years
  • Supporting young people to do well at school
  • Supporting families to be involved in their children's education
  • Improving adult basic skills


Vibrant communities:

  • Job Club 25+
  • Family Support Unemployed
  • Credit Union
  • Ability and Financial Skills
  • Empty Shops Initiative
  • Accreditations for young people
  • Energy Wardens Project
  • Inclusion and Digital Skills


Healthier Communities:

  • Come Outside
  • Gyda’n Gilydd
  • Health Bonanza’s and Healthy Living
  • Add to your Life (for over 50s)
  • Young People's Sexual Health


Learning Communities:

  • Positive Parenting
  • School Readiness
  • Brokerage Youth 11-16
  • Build
  • Schools - Transfer
  • Skills movie 'My Voice'
  • Parent Support

Contact Us


Address: Canolfan Noddfa, Cil Peblig, Caernarfon LL55 2RS
Phone: 01286 674698



Address: Tŷ Cegin, Maesgeirchen, Bangor, LL57 1LR
Phone: 01248 352436


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