Arfor at Work

Project background

The ARFOR programme operates across Angelsey, Gwynedd, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. 

The programme is a trial fund intending to create more and better jobs in areas that are strongholds of the Welsh language while supporting it's rise.

ARFOR contains a variety of local plans and activities accross the four areas:

  • promote enterprise and supporting business growth in areas with a high proportion of Welsh speakers
  • secure better and better paid jobs to retain local people in these areas and encourage those who have left to return
  • promote the value of speaking Welsh and bilingualism in businesses, and
  • encourage businesses and people who move to rural areas to value and use the Welsh language.

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Projects in Gwynedd

Support for Enterprise - an advice and financial support pack for businesses wishing to be enterprising and create new jobs in Welsh language strongholds. For more information,
or visit: Support for Enterprise

Make a Space - a space at Porthmadog now offers local businesses and the community to use new technologies and equipment.

For more information, visit Arlosesi Gwynedd Wledig.

Enterprising Communities Challenge - we work alongside Partneriaeth Ogwen, Canolfan Henblas and Menter y Plu on groundbreaking projects by manifesting their ideas in order to circulate money and jobs within their communities.

More information.

Llwyddo’n Lleol 2050 -  a campaign across Gwynedd and Anglesey promoting job opportunities for young people by working with local businesses and young influencers.

For more infomation, visit Menter Môn.


Regional Projects

During the Arfor scheme, the counties will also be working in partnership on a number of activities.  A contract has been let on behalf of the four Counties to evaluate activties and create a new stragegy for the Western region for the future.

The Bwrlwm Busnes project will contain a welcome package to the Welsh Language to elevate the work and appreciation of the Welsh Language across the region by raising awarness to businesses of the opportunities and importance of the lanuage to our communities.


More information

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