Applying for a Taxi Driver's Licence

Remember to renew your licence before the expiry date or you will have to make a new application that may take more time to process. Close


In order to drive a private hire / hackney taxi within Gwynedd you must obtain a taxi licence.

Who can apply

Any one that:

Full details are in our information pack 

How to apply

You need to book an appointment in one of our drop in sessions with a Licencing officer who will make the application with you.

Bring your original passport and/ or right to work documents with you to the session and a

completed by your doctor after you've paid for a medical examination.


Licensing Surgeries

  • Siop Gwynedd Caernarfon
    9:30 - 12:00 every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Siop Gwynedd Pwllheli
    10:00-13:00 every Wednesday
  • Siop Gwynedd Dolgellau
    10:00-13:00 every Monday and Friday

Choose a location and contact us to make a booking:

Your application

After contacting us and receiving a date for your Licence Appointment, attend your appointment at your local Siop Gwynedd where you will:

You will need to bring a completed 1 year or 3 year Medical Certificate with you (completed by your doctor after a Medical).

The Licencing Officer with you will assist with any questions you might have, but you must complete all of the relevant documents yourself.

You must bring your original passport and/ or right to work documents

The application will not be processed if you fail to bring any documents requested.

Taxi knowledge test

This fifteen minute written exercise is designed to test your

  • numeracy and customer care skills
  • geographical knowledge/ knowledge of the local area
  • your understanding of taxi rules and conditions.

The applicant must complete the test without any help. Only you and the Licence Officer will be present when you do the test.


Knowledge and understanding

The test is a written test.

The test will prove your knowledge and understanding of driving theory, the Highway Code, best driving practice and issues relating to the taxi industry

If you fail then a ‘Re-Test’ may be requested at an additional cost of £9.50.

There needs to be a minimum 24 hours between failing the initial ‘Taxi Knowledge Test’ and the ‘Re-Test’. 


Your complete application will be processed once you have successfully completed the 'taxi knowledge test'

What happens next...

If you passed your taxi knowledge test a License Officer will contact you when your licence is ready to collect.

Fees and charges

Transfer of Hackney prices notice

We cannot refund fees if you withdraw your application or if your application is unsuccessful.

 Hackney vehicle licence fee         £180.84
 Private Hire Vehicle Licence fee  £180.84
 Transfer of Hackney licence to new proprietor  £75.00
 Transfer of PH licence to new proprietor  £75.00
 Vehicle Licence – School Transport  £171.00
Private Hire Operator Licence (including conditional Private Hire operator) 

1 year: £236.00             
3 years: £275:00

5 years: £329.00

Ffioedd tacsis 2018/19
Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Drivers Licence                     
Licence Fee (incl ID badge fee)                                                           

1 year: £233.00  

3 years: £270.00  

Disclosure & Barring Service

Statutory fee: £40.00

Admin fee: £9.50

Horse Drawn Hackney Carriage Licence  £152.60
 Vehicle Licence Plate (Pair)  £34.80
 Vehicle Licence Plate Bracket (Pair)  £34.80
 External Vehicle Plate (Each)  £18.25
 Internal Vehicle Plate  £16.60
 Internal Plate Sleeve  £5.00
Private Hire External Door Sticker (Each)  £18.25
 Driver ID Badge  £14.90
Driver Knowledge Test Re-sit £9.50