UK Community Renewal Fund

What is the Community Renewal Fund?

A support fund by the UK Government to support local areas to pilot imaginative new approaches and programmes during the 2021/22 financial year.

The priorities for the Fund are (see section 3 of the Fund Prospectus for details):

  • Investment in skills
  • Investment for local business
  • Investment in communities and place
  • Supporting people into employment.


How much is available?

£220M is available across the UK. A single local authority area can receive a maximum of £3M.

The UK Government suggests that single applications should be £500,000 or above (smaller applications can come together under the leadership of one partner).

The Fund provides revenue funding primarily (a maximum of 10% of a project’s cost can be capital).  


Who is the money available to?

Business groups, voluntary / community groups, colleges and universities and local authorities can submit applications to the Fund.

Applications must be submitted via Gwynedd Council.  

If an application is successful, Gwynedd Council will receive the funds and then transfer them to the application via an agreement.  


How do you apply?

1. Read and consider the content of:

2. Complete Application Form and send to 


What’s the timetable?

  1. Applicants to submit applications by midday on Friday, 28 May 2021
  2. Gwynedd Council to check applications, prioritise if necessary and forward applications to the UK Government by midday on Friday 18 June 2021.
  3. Decisions on projects by UK Government from the end of July 2021.
  4. Projects to end and all monies to be claimed before 31 March 2022


How will applications will be selected?

Gwynedd Council is required to check applications before submission to the UK Government for assessment and decisions. The UK Government will be prioritising on the Fund’s assessment criteria

If the applications received by the Council total more than £3M Gwynedd Council will be required to prioritise.  Prioritisation will be undertaken in line with the Invitation to Submit Project Bids considering which projects best meet the objectives of UK Community Renewal Fund and support the delivery of local growth and employment support priorities, as outlined in the Gwynedd Council Plan, Cynllun Eryri (where relevant) and  North Wales Growth Deal.


Is there help available?

If you have any questions or queries you can contact us by sending a message to

Remember, the team at the Council’s Community Support Service and Mantell Gwynedd can provide general support and assistance to local community organisations and the third sector.


Is more information available?
There is a page on the UK Government website, which includes all documents relating to the Fund.


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