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Covid-19: Business Support


- Hairdressing and barber businesses: coronavirus workplace guidance (external link).

- Guidance for holiday accommodation businesses on reopening: coronavirus (external link).

- The Welsh Government has announced a ‘Start Up Grant’ of £2,500 to support new businesses in Wales in dealing with the severe impact of Coronavirus (check your eligibility here).

- Guidance for tourism and hospitality businesses for a phased and safe re-opening (external link).

- Free online courses from Superfast Business Wales (external link).

- Keep Wales Safe at Work: Advice and guidelines on Preparing to restart and re-opening your business in the Your responsibilities – Guidance and advice for business tab below.

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Gwynedd Council acknowledges the importance of our businesses and is ready to support you when you re-open and trade safely. You are an essential part of our communities and the community is eager to support you; by working carefully confidence will grow.

We will work with our businesses and communities to ensure that we support each other during this next stage, maintaining a strong focus on safeguarding the health of the people of Gwynedd and supporting livelihoods.

The Council will ensure that you have access to the latest information, advice and support to help you adapt and survive. This page is updated regularly.

However, please remember that coronavirus remains within our communities, so when you re-open:

  • -  Continue practicing social distancing and make sure that your staff and customers can do so.

-  Continue to wash your hands regularly, and make sure that your staff and customers do so too.
-  Continue being safe – carefully plan and prepare for re-opening to ensure your own safety as well as you staff and communities'.

The Covid-19 restrictions will remain for some time yet. Not all services and facilities can open because of these restrictions. This is a new world for us all; please be patient and respect that things will take time to adapt.

View messange to Gwynedd businesses by Cllr Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Community.

Your responsibilities – Guidance and advice for business

Keep Wales Safe at Work

Preparing to restart and re-opening your business. Practical guidance on safely returning to work. 

Keep Wales Safe at Work  

Workplace guidance for employers and employees: COVID19

Legal guidance 

Workplace guidance

Tool Kit

Reopening guidance for food businesses

Other information which may be of use: (NOTE: this is not a comprehensive list and often this information concerns requirements relevant to England, which may be different to those in Wales)

- UK Government Guidelines on working safely during Coronavirus: Shops and Branches


What businesses need to close?

A number of businesses have now been required to close. 

A full list of businesses which need to close 

Welsh Government Guidelines on staying at home and away from others

Call for all holiday-letting agencies in Gwynedd to close immediately.

Financial Support and Business Rates


Welsh Government Business Support Grants

Welsh Government Business Support Grants – Information for Self Catering Businesses 

Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) 



Coronavirus Bounce Back Loan

Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme: The Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme is open for applications and supports a wide range of business finance products, including term loans, overdrafts, invoice finance and asset finance facilities and can provide facilities of up to £5 million for smaller businesses across the UK facing loss or deferral of revenue, leading to cash flow disruptions.


Other financial support

Salary Costs / Job Retention scheme

Business Rates

Deferred VAT payments: VAT (Value Added Tax) payments will be deferred for 3 months. 

Downloadable Social Distancing Signs

Here is a basic bilingual site signage package that you can download and print to help your customers and staff to keep safe. Contact your local printer/designer if you’d like some quality/bespoke signs for your business.



Reopening Your Business - 6 Things to Remember 

Public protection

Complaints and enquiries relating to Covid-19
Gwynedd Council is working with businesses across the county to ensure they follow the latest regulations introduced to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19. The Council is also trying to avoid scams/fraud/counterfeit Covid-19 goods and also seeks to ensure Fair Trade.  

If you are aware of a business that does not obey Covid-19 regulations or if you are aware of any scams/fraud/counterfeit Covid-19 goods or have a complaint/query about Fair Trade, please let us know: 

E-mail: PublicProtection@gwynedd.llyw.cymru

      Phone: 01286 682790 / 01286 685603/ 01341 424497 / 01758 704018


Services provided

In addition to providing advice to businesses and the public, the services will deal with :

- Product safety issues
- Complaints about animal health and welfare/animal feed
- Food Safety Notifications
- Notices of hazardous accidents and incidents in workplaces
- Notifications of infectious illnesses
- Complaints about businesses that remain open
- Renewals to renew taxi licences only
- Applications from licensed premises for temporary event permit to sell alcohol for off-site transportation
- Requests to bury the deceased in public health funerals
- Allegations of oil pollution from domestic tanks
- Enquiries about the safety of private waters
- Air pollution complaints
- Complaints about litter that may be hazardous to health   

Further support and information

Businesses that pay statutory sick pay to their staff

View details


Human resources advice from Menter a Busnes

View details 


If you live in Gwynedd and need this information in another format or language please contact: