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Covid-19: Business Support

Here is a basic bilingual site signage package that you can download and print to help your customers and staff to keep safe. Contact your local printer/designer if you’d like some quality/bespoke signs for your business.



Reopening Your Business - 6 Things to Remember 

Create a coronavirus NHS QR code for your venue 

Smoke-free Premises Signs

Complaints and enquiries relating to Covid-19

We are working with businesses across the county to ensure that they follow the latest regulations issued to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19. If you are concerned about a business that does not comply with Covid-19 regulations please let us know:

Report a concern: Compliance with Covid-19 

We also seek to prevent any scams or fraud involving Covid-19.  Please report any concerns to the Trading Standards team: 

Report a concern: Trading Standards


Services provided

In addition to providing advice to businesses and the public, the services will deal with :

- Product safety issues
- Complaints about animal health and welfare/animal feed
- Food Safety Notifications
- Notices of hazardous accidents and incidents in workplaces
- Notifications of infectious illnesses
- Complaints about businesses that remain open
- Renewals to renew taxi licences only
- Applications from licensed premises for temporary event permit to sell alcohol for off-site transportation
- Requests to bury the deceased in public health funerals
- Allegations of oil pollution from domestic tanks
- Enquiries about the safety of private waters
- Air pollution complaints
- Complaints about litter that may be hazardous to health   

Businesses that pay statutory sick pay to their staff

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Apprenticeship Recruitment Support

The apprenticeship incentives, which will run from August 2020 to 30 September 2021, will help businesses to recruit apprentices, supporting the development of a workforce that is able to meet changing business needs.

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Human resources advice from Menter a Busnes

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If you live in Gwynedd and need this information in another format or language please contact: