An important message to all Gwynedd businesses

by Councillor Gareth Thomas, Gwynedd Council Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Community 


On behalf of Gwynedd residents, I wish to thank all the county’s businesses for their efforts in supporting and safeguarding our communities during the coronavirus emergency. 

I have been amazed by all local businesses that have adapted their work and customs in order to continue offering their services to their residents, as well as those businesses that have sacrificed their livelihoods temporarily for the good of others.

With the Welsh Government now easing restrictions, we face a new period – a period which will prove more challenging in many ways. We will co-operate with businesses and communities in a constructive manner to ensure that we support each other during the period ahead by focusing on ensuring the health of the people of Gwynedd alongside supporting livelihoods.

The Council acknowledges the importance of our businesses and is ready to support the re-opening and trading of your businesses safely and we will work hard to ensure that you have access to the latest information, advice and support to help you adapt and survive; therefore make sure that you keep an eye on our Support for Businesses page and @BusnesGwynedd on Twitter and register for our regular newsletter. Please remember that the coronavirus remains in our communities. We need to work tirelessly to ensure that the battle remains a winning one and bear in mind that challenges are still ahead. Therefore we ask you kindly to remain vigilant and:

  • Be safe and responsible
    It is your responsibility to ensure your staff, customers and community is safe
  • Respect the local community
    We all play an essential part in safeguarding our communities. I’m confident that you appreciate the nervousness that remains in surrounding spreading the virus yn light of recent events. The community is eager to support you but by engaging locally and working carefully confidence will be built.
  • Be patient
    The Covid-19 restrictions will remain for some time yet. Not all services and facilities can open because of these restrictions. This is a new world for us all; please be patient and respect that things will take time to adapt.