ISO Grant Scheme

Gwynedd Council is keen to assist small and medium sized businesses located in Gwynedd to achieve ISO accreditations which set world-class specifications for products, services and systems, to ensure quality, safety and efficiency. Examples are ISO9001 which specifies requirements for a quality management system and ISO14001 which specifies requirements for an environmental management system.

A grant scheme is available which contributes towards the costs of a consultant to work with businesses in order to achieve the necessary standard for certification. The cost of the actual certification is not included in the scheme.

The objective is to make businesses more efficient and effective in supplying quality goods and services leading to increased competitiveness and placing businesses in a better position to respond to tendering opportunities with Gwynedd Council, other local authorities, government organisations and the private sector.

Many benefits have been noted by businesses as a result of achieving ISO accreditations but the cost and commitment needs to be balanced against the anticipated benefits. The assistance is therefore targeted at businesses which have the aspiration and capacity for growth.

To express your interest in the scheme, complete and return the expression of interest form. For further information, contact the Gwynedd Council Business Support Service