Gwynedd benefits substantially from European funding to support the development of our businesses, people and communities. A number of European funded projects are implemented locally; from the Rural Development Plan to the Structural Funds.

The European Union

The European Union influences our daily lives in a number of ways; from the services we receive to the goods we buy and use. European policies and legislation have an influence in the County in a number of different ways; from the environment to economic development.


Case studies

Case study examples of projects supported through the 2007-13 Structural Funds in North Wales are available. Please come back soon for the link.

Gwynedd Economic Partnership

The Gwynedd Economic Partnership facilitates collaboration in order to secure a prosperous future for the people, communities and businesses of Gwynedd and keeps an eye on the European Structural Funds that are operational in Gwynedd, including the Convergence Programme. PEG also promotes economic development in general

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